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Grab The Popcorn – It’s Movie Time!

21 June, 2021 0 comment

I love learning and always want to sharpen my skills so, to that end, I have invested in various types of business coaching and education.

One , in particular, is Driven, Inc. with Suzanne Evans.  Suzanne and her team call it like they see it – which is so refreshing.  It helps build a tougher skin, that’s for sure, but you get used to it and always learn from it, even when not directed at you.  😊

What resonates with me is that we talk – A LOT – about fear and how to push through it.  Not always directly – and not always labeled as fear.  Sometimes we call it procrastination, perfectionism, timing issues, etc..  It was interesting to me that subjects I’ve talked about in other posts– fear, planning, research, envisioning your outcome – come up in these learning sessions.

You see, fear hits at all stages and levels of business ownership, not only for those that have not yet taken that leap.  We all feel it at different times, for different reasons, at different intensities.

But our fear won’t kill us.  It often will stop us from achieving our potential, but it won’t kill us.

Which brings me to this documentary: Red Dot on the Ocean: The Matt Rutherford Story.

Suzanne introduced the team to this movie (It’s over an hour – be comfortable) and I felt fear for Matt for virtually all of it.

At the same time – It was inspiring.  It was awe-inducing. It taught me, indeed – all of us, lessons in how to treat our businesses.  What not to take for granted.  Why it is important to plan.

I would love to hear your comments on this movie once you’ve watched it.  I will post on social media about this blog.  Please comment via Facebook  or LinkedIn with what this movie made you feel.  I really want to know.


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