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Fancy working with auto dealers and owners?  This category covers several national brands of auto parts wholesalers as well as those that cater to maintaining and repairing individual owner’s cars.  You could also find your perfect fit with a brand that offers personal, high-touch car washing or a unique concept that helps restore car interior/exteriors.  Give us a call to find out more.

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Beauty, Salon & Spa

Can you say “ahhhhhh” – that sound of relaxation when you’ve just had a great massage?  Or “wow” – the exclamation from seeing how great your eyes look with lash extensions!  Now – how fun would it be to provide this same feeling to customers at the Spa’s and Beauty locations that are part of this category?  There are several levels of investment available.

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Building, Decorating & Renovation

The business concepts in this category cover all aspects of home decoration – window coverings, painting, curb appeal, outdoor living.  If you have an interest in home improvement – let’s have a conversation of the franchises available.

Child Education and Development-Image

Child Education and Development

It’s all about helping kids!  If you love the thought of providing enrichment opportunities to our next generation – call us today to discuss the arts, sports, learning and daycare businesses, among others, that fall into this category.  There are multiple investment levels available – and many are home-based.  Great for work-at-home parents that need to manage kids and business.

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Coffee & Beverages

Coffee, smoothies, nutrition drinks – this category has them covered.  Some mobile options available too.  Who doesn’t love the ability to have a local coffee shop for gathering and developing relationships?

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Computer Technology

The brands in this category run from technology oriented virtual offices to tech repair and digital marketing.  If technology interests you then start here for your next new business venture.

Convenience Stores-Image

Convenience Stores

Upscale, urban-oriented, multiple formats – even unmanned.  These are not your mother’s convenience store!

Direct Marketing-Image

Direct Marketing

Helping businesses find new customers, grow and prosper through online, visual and direct mail means is the basis of the brands in this category.   These brands benefit from a strong sales presence and the ability to get out and network – form relationships – in your community.  Don’t worry if that is not what you’ve been doing – is it something that you’d like to do?  Let’s talk to discuss the options available.

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Emerging Developing Brands

Emerging is just that – often at the very outset of their franchise roll-out these brands have a higher risk than the tried-and-true with multiple locations.  Generally, they have corporate locations that have performed very well, and they are an excellent fit for people that like to get in on the ground floor of a fresh concept.

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Employment & Personnel

You are helping people that want to work…go to work.  These businesses are a terrific, natural fit for people that love forming relationships and getting out and meeting people.  If that isn’t you – you can still be very successful in this area by surrounding yourself with the right people.  Call to find out more.

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Environmentally Green

The brands that live within the Environmentally Green category both help conserve natural resources and establish their business model to work sustainably and use solutions that are proven safe for the environment.

Financial Services-Image

Financial Services

The businesses in the category cover a broad spectrum of services  – B2B cost containment, receivable factoring and B2C concepts that serve the “unbanked” and “under-banked” consumer market.  Low employee count, a terrific fit if you have strong financials and want to move quickly into a semi-absentee or passive role.

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Fitness, Health & Nutrition

Fitness centers, fitness centered activity, and brands that focus on healthy, nutritional drinks & smoothies are a growing and important consumer trend.  Ride the wave with one of the brands in this category – call us to discuss.



Ice cream, burgers, pizza, Mexican, Italian, Indian, Pubs, Smoothies, Café’s, Fried Chicken – are you hungry yet? ?  If a restaurant is of interest, let’s talk.  There are so many options available.



Man, Woman, Child – we have the boutique option available for you to evaluate.  Prefer something more mainstream or leaning towards the latest trend salons that you could turn into a multiple location business?  We can help you find that fit.

Laundry & Dry Cleaning-Image

Laundry & Dry Cleaning

Environmentally green options, delivery options, hub-and-spoke concepts.  This category does require a higher start-up investment but is an excellent fit for someone looking for a semi-absentee model!

Maid Service & Janitorial Cleaning-Image

Maid Service & Janitorial Cleaning

Business concepts include commercial, trauma and residential cleaning.  There are several investment levels available.  Are you a true sales person – we can find a fit.  Prefer the operations side and want heavy marketing support – we can find a fit.  Let’s talk about the options.



This category has options for everyone: Higher/lower investment, specialty, generalist, home-based, office… Air conditioning, plumbing, home repair, painting, curb appeal, cleaning, detailing – we would love to help you find a brand that fits. Generally very lifestyle friendly.

Management & Training-Image

Management & Training

Consultative, strategic, training/coaching, sales-oriented – there are multiple options and investment levels available.  Fantastic opportunities for people that like the higher-level support roles that businesses often need.

Moving & Storage-Image

Moving & Storage

Do you love moving someone else’s “junk” and helping them come clean?  What about project management and the ability to puzzle solve route and employee scheduling? Does helping someone set up their new home make you feel all warm and fuzzy?  Call us to discuss options.

Pet Care-Image

Pet Care

The Pet Industry is expected to hit ~ $100 Billion by the end of the decade. Get in on the boom with a pet care business – retail pet supplies, doggie daycare, dog training, animal boarding & grooming, mobile dog grooming – there are so many choices. If you love pets and have business acumen – you could jump on the chance to work every day doing something you love – and earn a great, independent living along the way.  

Printing, Copying & Shipping-Image

Printing, Copying & Shipping

Think graphics and visual strategy, printing and expedited secure shipping.  It’s not just shipping – it’s helping businesses create their brand look.  How cool is that? 

Real Estate-Image

Real Estate

Concepts in this category are primarily directed toward the processes and activities required to obtain home ownership.  Home-based, individual contributor as well as team management businesses can be found with multiple investment levels. 

Repair & Restoration-Image

Repair & Restoration

There are few things more rewarding than performing a service that helps people stay in/return to their homes and prized possessions.  Concepts in this category provide great support for their franchisees with options for national account development, marketing and admin support, sales support, etc. – Worth a look!

Retail Sales-Image

Retail Sales

Theses businesses cover so many varieties of retail items – art, window coverings, financing, floor coverings, t-shirts, etc.  If you love retail and people – I’m sure that we can find a fit.  Let’s get on a call to discuss options.



Security is a growing industry – there are several ways to get involved now and take advantage of that growth trajectory!  Multiple investment levels available.

Senior Care-Image

Senior Care

Helping our Senior population stay at home, or find a forever home, is so rewarding.  The Senior market is only going to get bigger for the foreseeable future.   Keep in mind – Franchise owners are not the care-givers.  They provide the relationships, support functions and the employment of the care-givers.



Visual graphics, graphics printing, full graphics imagery – these are services that you’d be able to provide within this category.  Exciting, often digital, keeping up with technology.  These businesses are generally B2B and offer a great work-life equilibrium.



Both Travel Agencies and vacation rentals all into this category.  Live vicariously through your clients – it’s so much fun! – and likely earn your chance to experience it firsthand too.

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