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Own a Franchise Business That Matches Your Interests

Own a Franchise Business That Matches Your Interests

16 December, 2019 0 comment

Have you read articles about entrepreneurs who disparage the idea of a work-life balance?

Seems counter-intuitive.

I thought people who own and operate a business need to work tirelessly. And they need to ensure their work doesn’t consume their life.

As I read more of these articles, however, I realized these entrepreneurs didn’t chase a work-life balance.

Instead, they started and grew their business based on what interested them about the work they would perform.

They were pinching themselves and thinking, “Customers actually pay me to run this business.”

To start a business that matches your interests, consider evaluating franchise opportunities. You can talk with franchise owners who share your interests and observe their business operations.

You can learn how they are working to live versus living to work.

Business Interest Drives a Successful Franchise

If you’re not interested in what you’re doing, then it feels like a job. The work is onerous, you become robotic, and you search for greener pastures.

It’s easy to get bogged down in the minutiae of business creation and process. Suddenly, you’re working in the business, not on the business.

So, imagine starting a franchise business that interests you, that requires your skills and experience, that has you waking up every morning wanting to go to work.

Then imagine an operational blueprint, franchise mentors, and other enthusiastic owners that share your interests and will help you with your business vision and day-to-day operations.

You realize your goals and live your passion more joyfully and productively when you have a franchise that backs you and your interests.

Making Money and Memories

Franchise owners who work a business based on their interests tend to naturally give back to their family, their employees, their customers, their community.

They view their work as a collection of experiences, not sales receipts. They envision leaving the business one day and reflecting on what they gave to others and what they received from others.

Tackling Tough Times

What really fascinates me about franchise owners who start a business based on their interests is their ability to make it through hard times.

There’s no doubt running a business requires hard work.

But performing work that interests you gives you an emotional booster rocket to fuel your ability to persevere and prosper in the toughest times.

Free Franchising Advice to Help You Pursue Your Interests

To accelerate your search for work that aligns with your interests, call me, Jeri Lucco, at 614-768-3884 for a free, no-obligation consultation.

Together we’ll consider your entrepreneurial goals as we evaluate franchises that match your interests. And don’t forget to follow me on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn for my latest tips and updates.

P.S. If you want to wake each morning to work at a business that’s yours and that interests you, then I urge you to call me, Jeri Lucco, at 614-768-3884 for a free, no-obligation consultation. I wake every morning ready to help enthusiastic people like you understand the franchising world and find a business that matches and supports your interests.

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