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How to Take a Vacation as a Franchise Owner

How to Take a Vacation as a Franchise Owner

09 June, 2019 0 comment

As a franchise business owner, it can seem nearly impossible to disconnect from work and plan a vacation. In the digital age where you can throw your laptop in your suitcase or manage communications from your smartphone, it’s easy to worry about your business rather than relax on the beach, go camping in the mountains or spend quality time with family. Only 25 percent of Americans have taken a vacation within the past year, and not taking time away can lead to serious burnout. In fact, burnout is now recognized as an official medical diagnosis according to the World Health Organization.

But there are ways as a franchise business owner to take a vacation. Here are a few life-hacks to make sure that you can enjoy your vacation without sacrificing the success of your business:

Prepare in advance

With most franchise owners having employees or clients that depend on them, make sure you alert all of the necessary contacts that you will be unavailable ahead of time. Since you manage your own schedule, it’s wise to plan your vacation at a time of the year that might be slower than other business cycles to ensure that it will be less stressful when you return from vacation.

Have backup

If you have employees, make sure that you have a manager in charge that you can trust in your absence. Outline exactly what needs to be done while you are away and leave all necessary contact information or instructions in case of emergencies, including which circumstances you need to be contacted, and which you expect him or her to handle.

Set boundaries

If you are disciplined enough to run your own franchise, then you need to apply the same rules to your vacation time. Even if you have to check in on your employees or business every now and then while on vacation, set limits for the amount of time that you will be participating in business-related activities.

Enjoy your time off

Being a business owner as a franchisee can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life. But remember that work will always be there when you return from vacation. Make sure to enjoy your time disconnecting. Taking the time to recharge will benefit both you and your business in the long run.

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