Discover New Possibilities


Discover New Possibilities

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What Is Franchise Business Sources Discovery Process?

Are you ready to start your own business?  You might be asking how you even begin to find the business that re-energizes you – that brings back that “joie de vivre” (joy of life). Franchise Business Source follows a proven formula that first assists you in making the decision to become your own boss and then guides you through every step in finding the business that fits you.

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Our consultation services cost you nothing. We are retained by the Franchisors to qualify and present candidates that possess the necessary characteristics for success. Fill out an information form – one of our franchise recruiters will contact you to verify your information and provide an overview of the process, including introductions to potential Franchisor business partners.

GoalsGetting To Know You In Your Initial Consultation
During the initial phases of getting to know you, we gather the information that is necessary to determine what your capabilities are, and which business models will be a good match for you. Our first objective is to understand more about you (e.g., what are your skills, what lifestyle do you want from your new business, what are your long-term goals, what would make you jump up and out of bed in the morning).

New Business Chapter OneOur Research Is Designed To Evaluate The Best Possible Franchise(s)
Based on our conversations, Franchise Business Source will conduct significant research to identify several Franchises that appear to be a good fit and that are available near you. We will then reconvene to present you with valuable knowledge on each of the business models that met your requirements.

Meeting the Franchisors and The Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD)
Once referred to your chosen Franchises, they will reach out to you directly to have an introductory interview.  They will share highlights of the business concept and discuss their process for helping you learn details about the operational, sales, marketing support you will receive as a member of their team.  Following that call, you will receive the FDD for review. You need to thoroughly review the contents and seek answers to any questions that come up.

Highly Recommended: Call Current Franchisees
The FDD will contain a list of franchisees and contact information. Both Franchise Business Source and the Franchisor will strongly recommend that you take advantage of the opportunity to speak with several franchises. This is your opportunity to learn what guides success, what critical activities drive revenue and how you may need to think about your role in the business from those that have experience.

Seek Professional Advice: Attorney, Accountant, Banker
We cannot over-emphasize the importance of finding and talking to an attorney and/or accountant before purchasing any business. What about funding your business? There are many options and there are organizations that specialize in helping new businesses obtain the funds necessary to start and run the operations as you grow your client base and sales.  Franchise Business Source, as well as your chosen Franchise, is likely partnered with several that are waiting to help!

Attend a Discovery Day!
Many Franchisors have a Discovery or Meet-The-Team Day. They invite prospective Franchise business owners to visit a specific franchise location (usually a flagship) and/or the HQ and see how the business is run. If offered – don’t pass it up! If not offered, ask what is available for you to get that up-front-and-personal feel with your future business partner.

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